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Have decided to stop using this blog.

New blog –


11th March 2010

I am so ashamed of myself. Why have I left it so long since I last blogged?

So much has been going on but I am now determined to get blogging again. I’ve just got a new camera :

My new cameraso no excuses………

2nd January 2010

Happy New Year to all.

I can’t believe it has been so long since I have posted here. Time I think to start posting again……

New bag

I’ve just finished making a new bag that I want for tomorrow when I go to a meeting/course. Am really pleased with it.SV203096



Harry’s 50th

Today is Harry’s 50th birthday and as I reminded him this morning, he now has to say he’s in his fifties and nor forties!!!!!!


Here is his birthday cake ….a little small but as his nickname is Tigger I had to get it for him

Second Bucket bag

Have just finished my second bucket bag. Have lengthened the handles by a total of 4 inches and think its much better

What do you think?




Bucket bag

SV203079Had a go at this bag tonight but as it was a try out I used some fabric that didn’t matter if it went wrong. Not a disaster but not great. Have definitely decided that the handles need to be slightly longer. Also need to tack the binding first so that it’s neater. Also not too sure about which interfacing is best. Will be interesting to see other Shabby chic members’ efforts.