Friday 29th February

Had a really sad day at school today. One of my year 11 pupils is to be deported on Monday along with the rest of her family. She has been here 3 years. When she arrived she knew no English and has worked so hard that I was predicting her a C grade at GCSE.
She only heard last night when she got home from school and came in this morning to say good bye to her friends. I had about six girls in tears and the others really shocked.


Thursday 28th February

Writing this whilst there is still 17 mins of today left! Has been another busy day and wasn’t home from school til after 7.30pm….still only tomorrow to get through and I’ll have two days to spend doing non-school things. Want to start a scrapbook and to make some covers for some large cushions. May also if I get time go and look for some material for covering the chairs in the conservatory.

Todays photo is of a picture from a local Suffolk artist….hope you like it.sv201301.jpg

Wednesday 27th February

Woke in the night to a strange noise, the house shaking and the mugs on the mug tree in the bedroom clattering together. It was a strange experience. Harry said at first he thought it was a gust of wind but then suggested it might have been an earthquake. Listening to the radio this morning, it seems it was an earthquake. wow!!!


 Have ‘won’ some green and yellow checked voile on ebay. I’m hoping to use it in my conservatory as curtains but will make a final decision on how I use it when it arrives. Am thinking about covering the cushions on my two wicker chairs but am unsure as yet what sort of fabric to use.

This is what the chair looks like at the moment:


I was thinking of some kind of green fabric [ green is my favourite colour!] but am not sure if it should be plain or patterned. I like stripes, checks and aztec type designs rather than flowers.

Tuesday 26th February

Having problems with my stomach tonight. Think it might be because I had two rolls for my lunch today. It seems like some sorts of bread really do cause me a problem. These were soft bap type rolls so will need to remember this and see if it happens again with that type of bread.

Have made a loaf tonight; the first one in quite a while. Pity it looks rather small – will probably mean it will be quite heavy. Am going to go and slice it soon and make Harry’s lunch for tomorrow. Will be interesting to see what it tastes like.

Have sold another book on Amazon today. Am doing quite well, this month – about £80 worth of sales so far. At the weekend I ordered a years subscription to Country Living, paid for out of my profits.

 Picture for today is a coffee set I bought from ebay quite a while back.sv201324.jpg

Monday 25th February

Has been a very busy day at work, which ended with having to give a presentation to the governors about the work being done in the English department. I think it went okay, will hear tomorrow. They seemed interested in all that we are doing and said it sounded like a lot of hard work was being done.

Really should be doing things tonight but don’t seem to have the energy. Must get the washing up finished and the lunches made for tomorrow. Then I really should spend about 15 minutes sorting out my craft materials and then bed with my teddy ‘Holly’ until Harry gets home.


Pictures of my bathroom

As promised pictures of my bathroom. It doesn’t get much use as Harry and I use our ensuite, thus it has been neglected. Any suggestions anyone?



Just noticed the colours look very different in each photo. The second photo is more true to the real colour.

My bathroom

Have decided I need to do something about my bathroom. It has an avocado suite which I can’t afford to replace. Will post some pictures tomorrow, but really need some suggestions as to what to do with it