Monday 31st March

Went to the dentist this morning for a check up and nothing needs doing. Yipee……also not another appointment for a whole year…yipee again!!!!

We have been looking at kitchens again and not coming up with any firm ideas. I want to paint the doors and Harry prefers wood. I like freestanding and he prefers fitted. He also likes all the gadgets and wire baskets fitted in units and I hate them. I forsee some compromises having to be made.

Looks like we may buy some kitchen cabinet carcases and the worktop, then decide on the doors. I think we have come to a decision on the carcases but now a decision as to the worktop………HELP!!!!


Sunday 30th March

Today is going to be spent clearing the kitchen and ripping out cupboards and removing tiles……..beginning to wonder why we started it all!


This is all going to take much longer than we thought. Work in progress:




Its now nearly eleven pm and this is my sink area:


My cooker and fridge

This is the cooker I’m hoping to get:


And this is the fridge:


Update on kitchen

Harry has just watched a DVD on laying laminate floors and now realises he needs to work across the kitchen. Therefore I am now working on emptying all the cupboards so they can be moved. The fridge freezer also needs moving so that has been emptied and advertised on freecycle – have new one being delivered on Thursday. Until then we can use the chiller we have for drinks – its only small but will be okay as a temporary fridge.

Its really amazing what I’m finding in the cupboards. I have some lovely pieces and they have all been hidden away – well no longer. I am definitely going to have some open shelves in the new kitchen

Clearing kitchen

I need to clear a lot of my kitchen as we are redoing it. I have loads of bowls, dishes etc to get rid of and am not sure which to keep and which to freecycle. Here are some that I need to choose from:




Have just got rid of 4 pyrex type but not pyrex casserole dishes on freecycle….woman coming later this afternoon……yipee.

Here are some more pics:




So far I  am being very good. Have decided to get rid of the small white dishes and the small glass bowls. And I think I’ll put my salad set – beech large bowl and 4 small bowls on freecycle………I can always start collecting again when my kitchen’s finished!


Saturday 29th March

Going out this morning to look at work benches [ joy, oh what, joy!!] for Harry and then to look for some kitchen flooring. Want to get some laminate tiles …..trouble is most are either very light or very dark; but I do remember some nice ones I saw in Topps tiles a few weeks ago, so I’m hoping my memory isn’t playing tricks on me. Would love proper tiles but they are a pain to lay and are very cold under foot. The laminate tiles I’m after are the ones that are in a strip and click together.

Hope also to buy a ceramic sink:


Bought the taps yesterday:


Friday 28th March

Have just been to Felixstowe library to take some books back and collect my reservations.


One of the books I got out was this:


It looks really good and I think I may later buy my own copy.