Tuesday 29th April

Finding I have less and less time to keep this up. The plumbing of the sink is now done and I can wash up again in the sink….yipee.

School is manic at the moment and I need to get quite a bit done tonight. Hopefully things will calm down in the next week or so


Sunday 27th April

At long last a worktop …….

And the hole cut for the sink…..

And finally the sink in place…..

Closer view of the sink…..

All just needs plumbing in now….

The woods

I’m really lucky in that I have a wood at the back of my garden. Its a lovely tranquil place and looks especially wonderful at the moment with all the bluebells. The first picture was taken from the back garden gate that leads into the wood.

Update on kitchen

Work still progresses and its good to look back on it and see how much has been done. The photo below was taken last night before we brought the worksurface in from the garage. Today the cut out needs doing for the sink.

Saturday 26th April

Started early this morning with going out at 7.50 to the supermarket. Had a problem at the check out when the bottle of beer I was putting in the bag exploded. I ended up covered in beer!!!! It can only happen to me.
Anyway came home had a shower and breakfast, and read the paper….

Then got on with some more painting. Everything seems to be turning cream.

Think I must also get some gardening done soon. On the various shabby chic forums/threads people are talking about creating a shabby chic garden; am looking forward to some of the photos so that I can get some inspiration.

My bargains

Have been shopping in Ipswich and Felixstowe at the charity shops today. This is what I got:

Have put a coat of cream paint on the final item and am just waiting for it to dry , before I put on another coat.

Thursday 24 th April – NUT strike

Today I’m on strike: the first time I have ever been on strike during my whole working life. Something definitely needs to be done if the teaching profession is not going to be in crisis.

Some of the problems as I see it are:

50% of newly qualified teachers leave the profession within 3 yrs

The recruitment of teachers is so bad that we have to resort to interviewing overseas teachers on the phone

My department at the moment has two vacancies which I am unlikely to be able to fill

The workload is increasing – expectation that extra classes will be held after school hours and during holidays including more and more meetings to cope with the constant changing of the curriculum

Planning and preparation workload has increased because of new initiatives and the constant ‘changing of minds’ about how lessons should be taught

Increase in workload has meant that holidays are spent catching up with work [preparation and marking]that couldn’t be completed during term time because there isn’t enough time in a day

Increased marking load as all marking has to reflect on what has been achieved and pupils’ next target

The poor behaviour of some pupils that cause increased teacher stress and feelings of inadequateness – With also daily insults and in some schools daily threats of violence

Increased paperwork to ‘prove’ the job is being done

Poor working conditions in some schools with inadequate heating, toilet facilities, areas to have lunch, furniture that in most places of work would have disappeared at least 10 years ago

Add to all that, pay awards below the rise in inflation [whilst the interest on student loans is increased]

We now have a profession, that is in potential crisis and society needs to look at this seriously.