Friday 23rd May

At long last it’s the half term holiday and as far as I’m concerned the summer starts now. It’s the season of holidays and music festivals, with a little bit of work thrown in!

Ok, I know I’ll have to do quite a lot of work in the the next half term – all the planning of new courses, timetables and class groups to sort out and of course teach – but with the long evenings and the ‘hot’ weekends to look forward to, it’s so much easier to keep going.

Hope everyone who reads this is feeling as positive as I do at the moment and has a great Bank Holiday Weekend.


Cooker connected

Things are never as easy as you hope, are they? The cooker arrived yesterday as expected but yet again they found a reason not to connect. The cooker connection point was too high up…..funny that wasn’t mentioned by the guy last week. So they connected the gas – this fuels the top rings and left the electrical connection. We have had to get the connection point lowered…which once again meant more plastering – and finally have been able to get the cooker connected.

I’m afraid finishing the room is going to take ages. We are going on holiday soon and then when we get back the music festivals start so will be away quite a few weekends. Two walls need tongue and grooving and then painting. Tiles need to go behind cooker. A cooker hood needs installing. Walls need painting. Shelves need painting and putting up. Window sill needs putting in. Cupboard doors need painting. A radiator needs moving. Then we move into the utilityroom and start work there!!!!!

Here’s is our first meal cooking on the new cooker:

Saturday 17th May

When I posted on Wednesday I thought all the stress of coursework folders were over but unfortunately it wasn’t. Still had to chase up other teachers and eventually it was all done yesterday morning. So now I can relax a bit. Lets hope nothing is wrong with them and they ask for more folders.

The cooker should be arriving today again!! And I hope this evening to be able to post a photo of it in place in my kitchen.

All the school work that has been needed to be done recently means the house is in a real mess so I want to concentrate this weekend in getting some clearing up and cleaning done. Will need to get loads of washing done as well and then I can start packing for our holiday at half term. We are going to Croatia and I’m really looking forward to it

Wednesday 14th May

At long last all the GCSE and A level folders are marked , annotated and ready to send to the exam board. Really feels like a weight off my shoulders. Today I left home at 7.40am and got home at 7.40pm , there was just so much to do. Still its now all over and I can begin to relax.

Have just taken this photo of me looking extremely tired

Now its all over I can concentrate again on the house and other aspects of my life,,,,yipee

School work dominating my life

Have had an extremely busy few weeks with school work. Today has been ridiculous. The emails from students started at 11am and the last one I got was at 7.45pm. There have been thirteen in total and each have demanded about 30 mins work.

Update on cooker

The guys from Currys arrived but would not connect cooker as the cooker switch as in the wrong place. In Currys guide for installation they mention nothing about the position of the cooker electric switch. Harry is now going to have to move the switch and my cooker is going to come next Saturday. Harry’s very annoyed as it means he needs to channel all the wall and it will mean more plastering. Very angry with Currys as I feel their guide should be more detailed.

Sunday 11th May

Update on kitchen:

There’s still loads to do but it is beginning to look like a kitchen again. Hopefully all being well the new cooker is arriving today. Also friends are coming soon to collect the old cooker, as they want it for a house they let out.