Sunday 28th September

At long last we have broadband again. It seems so fast compared to the mobile broadband usb stick we were using. Now I have to sort out all my old emails and get my new email address to people. Its going to take a while but hopefully will all be fine when it’s sorted. Another task I need to do is to sort out my hard drive as I have nearly filled it. And I thought computers were suppose to our lives easier……..


Wednesday 10th September

Hi all. I won’t be able to post much for a while as we are having problems due to the inefficiency of BT and that has meant we haven’t had internet for a while. The only way I can log on at the moment is by mobile broadband and we aren’t sure at the moment how our monthly useage allowance will pan out so I need to be careful.

Thursday 4th September

It’s amazing how quickly the summer holidays are forgotten and the daily routine of school life takes over.

We had the first 2 days for information gathering and sorting out our classrooms. This went very quickly as there was so much to do. Several new members of the department to help get acquainted with the schemes of work and where all the resources are kept. 3 of us, myself included had changed classroom and now had them to organise as the decorators had moved everything. Mustn’t moan though as I now have a freshly painted classroom and everything looks so clean and tidy at the moment.

Yesterday the kids returned, all looking really smart and stylish in their new uniforms. The ‘honeymoon’ period I am sure won’t last long and the new uniforms will start to look tatty and the behaviour of some will start to deteriorate. Still lets¬† be happy whilst it lasts.

My year 12 AS level group seems to be a lively interesting lot and I envisage some engaging discussions in the next few weeks. It’s great to have a class who like to ‘talk’ and have their own views. I think they will certainly keep me busy preparing resources for them.

Tomorrow its photo day at school so the girls especially will be spending ages on makeup and their hair so that they look their best for the camera. But why do 14yr old girls think they need to wear so much foundation; some of them even go so far that they look like they have ‘orange’ faces.

One big change has been the introduction of unisex toilets. The door to the block has been removed and there are about 15¬† cubicles with floor to ceiling doors. The washing facilities are those ones that you put your hands in and the water and soap come automatically and then followed by the blast of air to dry the hands. Wasn’t sure how the kids would take to it, but they seem ok with it.