Sunday 30th November

Really must post more but sometimes life gets in the way. Have been busy making Christmas cards lately so will try and put some of the best on here later in the week. For the time being here’s a photo of my two grandsons:



just seeing if this works

It didn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 15th November

I must be a summer person as this decline in the weather has really affected me. I seem to have no energy and enthusiam for things. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting out of this feeling? I would so love to have the energy for all the things I should be doing.

Am taking another look at my family history on my mother’s side of the family and am trying to write some of it up in the form of a story that others could understand. It’s quite a lot of fun to do but is taking quite a bit of time. Will put some of it on here when it’s ready.

The other day when looking for images I came across this site:

It has loads of wonderful retro/vintage signs and posters. Am going to print off a few of the adverts and frame them. Have tried to put some on here but not working for some reason.

Tuesday 4th November

Home from work and have just had my tea. Really now need to get motivated and get some bits done before going out to Tescos. Need 50 highlighters for the pupils tomorrow taking their GCSE English exam. I found 30 at work but as we have 80 taking the exam, more are needed. I just hope Tescos still have their cheap packs of 10. Really can’t afford expensive ones.

Saturday 1st November

What a miserable day weather wise. It has been pouring with rain since about mid day. Persuaded Harry to come to town this morning for a little shopping spree. We used to do that almost every Saturday morning in the early days before the novelty of being together wore off and daily domesticity took over. We had breakfast in BHS and managed to buy quite a few bits – Harry got himself some sweatshirts, book and magazine – I got 7 Christmas presents and the card and stickers I need to make up the grandsons’ Christmas card making packs.

This evening as well as doing some school work, I have been playing with some of my photos taken last weekend. Here are two of Harry with his dad: