Visit from Grandchildren

Yesterday afternoon Harry’s three grownup children and two grandchildren came round for tea. The two grandchildren helped me make the pizzas with loads of different toppings and then we all had tea round the big table in the conservatory. I lit candles which the two boys wanted to keep blowing out!

They later played on my pc:



Then Samuel spent some time on Harry’s knee:


While Charlie went flying:


Samuel and the snowglobe:


And then a quiet time for all the grownups whilst the two boys played with the playdough:



Sam’s visit cancelled

Unfortunately Sam was unable to visit last Sunday as he was unwell but the visit will go ahead this coming Sunday. This is actually better as Sian is going to stay this weekend hopefully.

Sam to visit tomorrow

Tomorrow Sam my youngest, with his keyworker,  is going to visit me in Ipswich for  the first time tomorrow.  Due to Sam’s extra special needs, he has not lived at home since he was 12 [he is now 23]and has only visited home once in that time, when we lived in Norwich.

Sam’s keyworker phoned yesterday to arrange it. He will only stay for a short while as he wouldn’t cope for any length of time. I’m feeling excited and nervous at the same time.


Saturday 27th December

Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

We got up late on Christmas Day and just had enough time to open one present and have some toast before going to see grandkids with their presents. Arrived to find a room full of wrapping paper and presents and two very excited little boys still in their Power Rangers pjs. One chaotic hour later we fitted everyone in our car and took them over to Harry’s ex’s house.

Then it was back home to a snack like lunch and the opening of the rest of the presents.  We had our Christmas dinner late [ about 7ish] and the disaster of the day was the exploding of one of my Denby dishes on the plate warming plate on my cooker – lesson learnt there: never turn it up high and never use ‘special’ dishes on it!

Yesterday was an extremely lazy day – got up just before mid day. Not really sure what we did with the day except really chill out.

Today it now feels just like any other Saturday.

We had a few items we needed in the sales – tv for the caravan, hairdryer [as mine died just before xmas] and a cd clock radio for the bedroom[cd has died on ours]. So far we have sourced the tv and the hairdryer on the internet – no wonder the high street shops are dying – they can not compete with the shops on the internet. Looks like its only the cd clock radio that we’ll purchase in a shop.


I have been cooking this morning and here is the result.

sv202507Mr Snowman kept falling over ‘drunk’ so I had to press him down further than I really wanted to.


Now its time to clear up and continue wrapping

Happy Christmas to everyone

My Christmas decorations

A few photos of my Christmas decorations:


Eve of Christmas Eve

Or in other words 23rd December.

Has been a busy last week or so but at least there isn’t any school for another 13 days.

On Saturday we went to visit Sam at his residential placement in Norfolk. He looked happy to see us but in his usual vein equally glad hen we left. Its all part of his autism as us visiting interrupts his usual routine.

Took this photo of him with his sister, Sian

sv202488_edited-2Am thinking of printing of a larger version to frame. He looks so grown up in this photo and most of the photos I have around of him are his childhood photos.

This morning I repotted my aloe vera and where there was once 1 plant


there are now 6. They look a little worse for wear at the moment but hopefully they will soon improve.

sv202499Don’t look at the wall behind. Its in the process of being tongue and grooved. A job I hope that will be finished between Christmas and the New Year.