Latest on the kitchen

Yes, you did read that right, It’s still being worked on and this is the latest addition:


And another photo of it:


Its crowded on the worksurface because Harry is busy on the other side of the kitchen fitting more tongue and groove panelling


Shabby chic January swap

I have been really lucky as the person to send me a swap was ellieweb.  She knew I wasn’t much of a Cath Kidston pink roses type person and carefully adapted the swap she sent me. She also knew I was fond of green and was doing my kitchen in green.

sv202575The unopened parcel and the little extra that Elaine put in for me a CK type tea towel.

sv202576Three green pairs and green heart that I can display in my kitchen when it’s finished. Wasn’t she clever and aren’t I lucky?

My first award…..

I have been really lucky. Lajoni has just awarded me my first award…..thanks

award-2This award business is very new to me but I think I am suppose to now pass it on.

First I’d like to award Claire at

She also lives in sunny Suffolk, just like me and I love reading her blog

I want to give out more awards but everyone I want to give it to seems to have had one of these awards already

Festivals this summer

I have just written the cheque for tickets for the first festival booking this year. By writing the cheque before Feb 1st, I have saved £50.

The festival is the Stokes Bay Festival in Hampshire:

We went last year and had a good time. This year, however, they have one of our favourite bands playing, Oysterband, so we have to go!!




trowbridge_stokes-bay-july-2008-209A few photos from last year of the setting up of the camp, of a friend inside a tent late at night and finally some morris dancing on the prom.

Givaway results

Have put names into the hat- bowl really and results are:

Miss Phish – set E

Lajori – set D

Mary Poppins – set C

Lazylol – set B

Yvonne – set A

Email me your addresses, ladies and put in the post next week…..

Latest kitchen development

Harry has finally built my fake dresser top for my kitchen. Since this photo was taken its been primed and the very top bit had the first coat of a cream satinwood paint. I can’t wait until it’s finished and I can start filling it.



As part of  Harry’s Christmas present I bought him two jigsaws , both 1000 pieces.  We started this one a few days ago:


And this is how far we have got:


Actually I have now finished the cottage and the path/driveway and am about to start on the sky and tree behind the cottage……wish me luck. I don’t think it will be easy!