Second Bucket bag

Have just finished my second bucket bag. Have lengthened the handles by a total of 4 inches and think its much better

What do you think?





10 Responses

  1. Beautiful bag, love the fabrics.
    Yvonne x

  2. Thanks. I am much happier with this one and the photos don’t do it justice.

  3. i like both of your bags, but the second is my fav. I will try the 25inch handles i think when i do mine. also i think i will copy your idea of a plain fabric for the handles as i think it really sets it off. Well done MM xx

  4. Hi’s lovely..hope you have a good weekend 😉

  5. I love the fabrics you’ve used, another gawjus one!!!!

    I’m thinking I might try a couple for the festival next week, maybe little ones.

  6. Oh they are lovely Viv well done. 🙂

  7. That is fantastic – you are so clever – I couldn’t make something like this in a million years! Debbie x

  8. Yes I really like that one better, but love them both! Well done.

  9. They look good, especially the second bag. I followed your advice and made longer handles as well. I think using the same fabric for both sides of the handles is a jolly good idea!

  10. Love love love them.

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