Latest photos of the kitchen

It’s been quite a while since I gave an update on my kitchen. I can now use the kitchen although there is still a lot to do in it eg finish fitting cupboard doors, tongue and grooving and shelves on the walls, paint walls, paint cupboard doors.

Harry is concentrating on the utility room at the moment and has put some worksurface in . It also needs shelving and a new floor. Once that is done I can clear lots of bits off the kitchen worksurface and he can then return to finishing off the kitchen.

This is the kitchen at the moment:

The cooker area:

The other side where I prepare food:


Cooker connected

Things are never as easy as you hope, are they? The cooker arrived yesterday as expected but yet again they found a reason not to connect. The cooker connection point was too high up…..funny that wasn’t mentioned by the guy last week. So they connected the gas – this fuels the top rings and left the electrical connection. We have had to get the connection point lowered…which once again meant more plastering – and finally have been able to get the cooker connected.

I’m afraid finishing the room is going to take ages. We are going on holiday soon and then when we get back the music festivals start so will be away quite a few weekends. Two walls need tongue and grooving and then painting. Tiles need to go behind cooker. A cooker hood needs installing. Walls need painting. Shelves need painting and putting up. Window sill needs putting in. Cupboard doors need painting. A radiator needs moving. Then we move into the utilityroom and start work there!!!!!

Here’s is our first meal cooking on the new cooker:

Update on cooker

The guys from Currys arrived but would not connect cooker as the cooker switch as in the wrong place. In Currys guide for installation they mention nothing about the position of the cooker electric switch. Harry is now going to have to move the switch and my cooker is going to come next Saturday. Harry’s very annoyed as it means he needs to channel all the wall and it will mean more plastering. Very angry with Currys as I feel their guide should be more detailed.

Sunday 11th May

Update on kitchen:

There’s still loads to do but it is beginning to look like a kitchen again. Hopefully all being well the new cooker is arriving today. Also friends are coming soon to collect the old cooker, as they want it for a house they let out.

Sunday 27th April

At long last a worktop …….

And the hole cut for the sink…..

And finally the sink in place…..

Closer view of the sink…..

All just needs plumbing in now….

Update on kitchen

Work still progresses and its good to look back on it and see how much has been done. The photo below was taken last night before we brought the worksurface in from the garage. Today the cut out needs doing for the sink.

Saturday April 19th

Kitchen work progresses slowly but to be fair to Harry, there has been a lot to do and he doesn’t get much time.

The plumbing has taken a lot of time and so has cutting one of the units to fit round the pipes. Here is a photo of progress so far.